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The Oceans are of big importance in planet earth as they cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, they are the planet's largest biosphere, and home to up to 80% of all life in the world. They generate 50% of the oxygen we need, absorb 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions and capture 90% of the additional heat generated from those emissions. It is not just ‘the lungs of the planet’ but also its largest carbon sink - a vital buffer against the impacts of climate change.

Tomorrow our Prague Blue Talk, comes at a critical time, as the world seeks to address many of the deep-rooted problems of our societies, requiring major structural transformations and shared common solutions anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals. To spur action, the Conference will seek to drive science-based solutions, informing ocean governance.
This works also as a framework for the preparation for the United Nations Ocean Conference 2022.

The title Bridges to Lisbon represents the meaning of the Ocean, its protection, climate and biodiversity implications and the links between ocean, energy, tourism, transport & circular economy.

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